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Team Sumangalam offers best in industry gym equipment’s contributing to growth for each and every move you make.


Scheduled Appointments with Certified Health Nutrition Coaches to assist you in meeting up your fitness goals.


Well organized Fitness Competitions to keep you motivated and offering opportunities for SPORTS avenue.


Exclusively tailored result oriented Health and Exercise Plans by industry Expert Coaches to ensure continuous growth.



Train with the best experts in bodybuilding field. Your results will speak to themselves. Try the latest exercising trends, innovative equipment and special nutrition plans.

Tune up your shoulders, legs and lower back. Choose a workout that can improve your balance, strength and overall condition. Our team of experts will follow you through the whole workout process.

Your body will thank you !!!

Coaches To Brag About

Sumangalam Fitness offers best coaching to athletes for Power Lifting Competitions ensuring best results in targeted time duration.

Completely Customizable

Trainings at Sumangalam Fitness are tailored as per the individuals needs and body structure to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Loaded With Power

Best Industry equipments along with proper infrastructure ensures best performance and training powered by best nutrition diet plans

In-Depth Video Tutorial

Trainings at Sumangalam Fitness are offered through online medium through best in industry technological platforms including Teams : Webex.

Regular Competitions

Multiple Competitions are organized at regular intervals offering platform to athletes assisting them in better assessment of progress and areas to be worked upon.

Free Supplements

Sponsorship for Supplements to best promising athletes by multiple vendors to motivate individuals to meet fitness goals and perform better.

Are You Ready ?

Team Sumangalam Fitness really helped me to achieve my fitness goals. Initially it appeared impossible to me, but really thanks to Mr. Amit who keep me motivated and transformed me entirely.

Arvind Meena

Thanks to Team Sumangalam Fitness for offering a platform for Power Lifting. Thanks to Mr Amit who really helped me to increase my weight lifting capacity tremendously through regular trainings and guidance.

Ajay Singh

Team Sumangalam Fitness offered me proper infrastructure and training material needed by a Power Lifter. Best part is the free sponsorship for supplements which was impossible without Mr Amit.

Brijesh Saini